Karen Benedetto
Special & Novelty Songs

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“A Fish Tale”
(part of sacred CD/book project)
Songwriter's Vocals
“Rainbow Song”
(young love; first love)
Vocals: Emily Bauer
“Bartimaeus’ Song”
(for Palm Sunday)
Vocals: Anthony Santelmo Jr
“Right Off the Bat '04 ”
(a baseball love story)
Songwriter's Vocals
“Everywoman Blues”
(of change of life)
Songwriter's Vocals
“Sister Thing”
(for Girl Scouts of America)
Vocals: Zoë Lyons
“Holding On”
(of childhood trauma and recovery)
Songwriter's Vocals
“Southern Rains”
(a response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita)
Songwriter's Vocals
“(I Found Out) What Hearts Are For”
(aka: “What Hearts Are For”)
(wedding; anniversary)
Vocals: Christine Kelley Karel & Charles Karel
(B’way show tune – tribute to “swing” dancers)
Vocals: Nancy Slusser
“Q-Girls Rock”
(website jingle)
Songwriter's Vocals
Vocals: Jonathan Frank

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