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Our Mission Statement

Karen Benedetto Songs, was formed for the purpose of reaching and touching others with the music and lyrics of Karen Benedetto, and was so named for the very moving inspirational song of Karen’s entitled "Living in the Flow". This song states there is nowhere outside of ourselves where we need to go, and that all strength, hope, abundance and the love of a living God-Spirit are within each one of us.

Whether we are presenting inspirational music or music of other popular genres, we will seek to present to you, the listener, the highest possible quality through the talents of each person who interacts with us. We will hope to entertain you, inspire and motivate you, touch you, delight you and honor you.

Through this business of music, it is our intention to deal honestly and thoughtfully with all persons we encounter, realizing that though we may not always succeed fully in doing so, we will continue to strive to treat every person with dignity, respect and fairness in all of our business and personal dealings. We believe we can all "live within the flow" of that presence of Spirit as we interact with all others seeking this higher ideal.

Thank you, each one, for your part on our exciting, enlightening journey! --Jean Barlow & Karen Benedetto

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