Peace songs

©Karen Benedetto (ASCAP) Words & Music

Peace, as a theme woven through all of life… Though simple in form, profound through the eyes, and the voice, and the song of children…
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Production Credits:

Lead Vocals: Pamela Palmieri
The Children: Anthony Cacho, Christopher Hall, Carlisa Mapp, Sankofa “Sandy” Wade
Arrangement, Keyboards: Daryl Kojak
Recorded and Mixed at Daryl Kojak Studios, NYC

Peace Is
© Karen Benedetto (ASCAP) (Words & Music)
All Rights Reserved. Not for Duplication Without Permission.

PEACE IS my song,
PEACE IS my song.

PEACE IS every step,
Is every breath,
Is every word we speak…

PEACE IS every dream,
Of every soul,
The kind of world we seek…

Love’s the only answer,
It lives within each heart.
It’s the perfect place for peace to start.

PEACE IS my song.
PEACE IS my song.
PEACE IS my song.
PEACE IS my song.

PEACE IS every voice
That sends its prayer out
In a simple song.

PEACE is every time
We make a stranger
Feel that he belongs.

We’ll change the world together,
And let kindness lead the way.
We can make a difference every day.

We owe it to the children,
Their future’s in our hands.
It’s not so hard to understand.

PEACE IS my song.
PEACE IS my song.
Deep in my heart,
PEACE IS my song.

We’ve seen the seeds of hatred
Sown throughout the world.
Now the flag of peace must be unfurled.

PEACE IS every hope
That shines so brightly
In a baby’s face.

PEACE IS every chance
We have to make
The world a better place.

PEACE IS my song…

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