"Come Back to the River"
©Karen Benedetto (ASCAP) Words & Music

Written by commission for "Walk the Via Dolorosa", a Palm Sunday pageant produced by Chelsea Community Church, NYC.  It is a recitative for the blind beggar, Bartimaeus, joined by Jesus, action taking place on the road to Jerusalem.
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Production Credits:

Vocals, Anthony Santelmo Jr, as Bartimaeus
Scott Benedict, as Jesus
Guitar accompaniment, Karen Benedetto
Recorded Live at Chelsea Church by Billy Grey


"Bartimaeus’ Song"©
(For Chelsea Community Church and Its Palm Sunday 2006 Program)
Karen Benedetto (ASCAP) (Words & Music)
All Rights Reserved. Not for Duplication Without Permission.

Who is that I hear?
What is this feeling in my soul?
Could that be the man
Who can make this sightless beggar whole?

Should I speak?
Will he listen?
Who am I in his eyes?
Just a beggar with no money,
But a faith that will not compromise.

Jesus, is it true
That you heal those in despair?
Have mercy on this man.
Son of David, hear my prayer.

Will you stop for this blind man?
Do those miracles you do.
Rabbi, help me see again,
Then I can follow you.

(Jesus beckons Bartimaeus, “Call him here”.
Bartimaeus throws off his cloak and goes to him.)

Son, I hear you calling
Is it me that you extol?
Know that I do nothing,
It’s your faith that will make you whole.

(Short musical interlude, as Jesus touches Bartimaeus’ eyes and he regains his sight.).

Rabbi, I can see again
Now I will follow you.

(Together-Jesus and Bartimaeus in harmony:)

Jesus: Your faith has made you whole.
Bartimaeus: My faith has made me whole.

(Chorus sings in 4-part harmony to a big ending…)
His faith has made him whole.
His faith has made him whole…


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