"Everywoman Blues"
©Karen Benedetto (ASCAP) Words & Music

A novelty piece with a fun take on every woman's personal experience of "the change"...
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Production Credits:

Vocals, Guitar: Karen Benedetto
Recorded and Mixed at Karen Benedetto Songs, NYC


"Everywoman Blues"©
Karen Benedetto (ASCAP) (Words & Music)
All Rights Reserved. Not for Duplication Without Permission.

The gentleman took her by the hand
And then he whispered something dicey
She thought he was attempting to entice.

Then it started as a glow
As if she’d eaten something spicy.
She felt all warm and tingly—it was nice.

Well, she began to sweat.
Her face turned red, her heart protested.
She thought for just a second she had cardiac arrested.

Could it have been the double-decker
Taco she was eating?
Or maybe guacamole was the cause.

Or was it that her once intrepid
Youth was now retreating
In the name of peri-menopause?

Now she knew she joined a club
With every woman as a member
Who needs the air conditioner in the middle of December.
She was walking down the street
When she was slowed by sudden urges.
This time it wasn’t chocolate or caffeine.

No, she was being blessed
By one of women’s many scourges
That plagues them all from crone to beauty queen.

This time she had to stop for just
A harmless little sneeze.
Thank God that she remembered to give her thighs a squeeze.

‘Cause to tell the truth there’s not a lot
That makes a woman madder
Than to spend her days and nights with an overactive bladder.

So brothers, heed their warnings
When they tell you to step lightly.
These are the times that try a woman's soul.

And when she asks “Do I look fat?”
Respond to her contritely.
Do not attempt an answer that is droll.

She’ll tell you your reply is just as funny as a tumor.
For along with her libido, she’s lost her sense of humor.

And even though she's reached the age
When she’s no longer fecund,
The menopausal woman
Is a power to be reckoned! Oh, yeah! M-m-m-m EVERYWOMAN BLUES



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