"Living in the Flow"(Japanese)
(Japanese Title: "Nagareno Nakade")
©Karen Benedetto (ASCAP) Words & MusicTranslation by: Yuri Shinomura and Keiko Hirano

Translated into Japanese. An uplifting, spiritual journey with captivating melody surrounding beautiful, meditative poetry. The substance of "Flow" is the Spirit of the Divine that uniquely permeates our being, reclaims our sacred Spirit and shares our true essence with the world.
(Demo Styling: Inspirational Pop Ballad in Japanese)

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Production Credits:

Lead Vocals: Yuri Shinomura
Backup Vocals: Janice Hardgrove-Kollar Sax and Flute: Lino Gomez
Producer: Jean Barlow
Musical Director/Arranger/Keyboards: Dennis Buck
Re-Mixed, Audio Sweetened and Koto: Waxtrax Recording


"Living in the Flow"©
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Duplication is a Violation of Applicable Federal Copyright Laws

Magarikunetta michi sorega jinsei,
Kodokuna tokimo aruwa
Sonna samishii tokikoso, mimo sumashite
Subetewa anatano nakani.

Subetewa anatano nakani,
Jiyuuni naru kagiwa, sokoni aru
Dokohemo yukukotowa nai
Nagareno nakade, aio kanjireba ii.

Kokoro kataku tozashi, mayoinagara
Kurayamini hitori, obiete
Hizashi motome yamao, noborikitta toki
Shinjitsuga kikoete kita.

Subetewa anatano nakani,
Hontoono jiyuuwa, sokoni aru
Dokohemo yukukotowa nai
Nagareno nakade, aio kanjireba ii.

Hitowa manabi tsuzuke, seichoo shite yuku
Jibunno basho sagashinagara
Onaji inochitoshite, ikiru hitobitoni,
Kamino hikario miidasu.

Watashitachiga teto teo toriaeba,
Sorewa chikyuuno kakehashi.
Moo hitorija nai, hikarino nakade,
Hontoono aini arigatoo.

Subetewa anatano nakani,
Jiyuuni naru kagiwa, sokoni aru.
Dokohemo yukukotowa nai
Nagareno nakade, aikanjireba ii
Tada aio kanjireba ii.

"The Translator's Thoughts about "Living in the Flow"

"I am a single parent with a wonderful 9 year-old son, Hiroshi. Having always been a searcher of Truth, I have been studying about spirituality at Seicho-No-Ie in NY to recover and maintain my well-being. Over the course of the years, always having loved to sing, I have discovered the joy of singing spiritual songs.Three years ago at a seminar held by SNI, I heard Karen and Jean sing "Living In the Flow." I remember not being able to keep the tears from flowing down my face. I was glued to the scene, not wanting to miss a moment of their fine performance, because the lyrics and the melody were so beautiful, and had such a healing effect. The song connected with a very deep part of me, and it was the kind of music I had been longing to hear. It is difficult to explain in words, but it felt lovingly familiar at a profound level.
I simply HAD to go to Karen and Jean after the seminar to tell them how much I was moved by the song. They both gave me warm hugs, hearing my sincerity and knowing where I was coming from. I was glad to have bought not one but several copies of their tape, so I could own this wonderful message. The first one I bought hadn’t lasted long after continuously being played over and over again in the house, in my car, everywhere!
Since that first performance at SNI, Jean and Karen have become dear friends of mine, and I am nourished by the spiritual path that we share. What a pleasure when they asked me to complete the Japanese translation of "Living in the Flow"! This translation is the combined effort of various individuals, and it has been a wonderful journey for me to take part in this spiritual endeavor. And, what fun it was to spend time with Karen and Jean for my first time in a recording studio, laying down the Japanese translation in song!
I am deeply grateful for their loving friendship. I feel this is the beginning of something very exciting, where I would like to continue to express my appreciation of Karen's creations in whatever way possible. Thank you very much! -----Yuri"


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