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Thanks to the courage and generous spirit of ANTHONY SANTELMO JR and MARCUS SIMEONE they each included "One" in their respective cabaret shows at both Helen's (July/Sept. '04; June/July '05; and, Feb.'06) and Danny's (June '04). TIM DiPASQUA arranged and recorded the first demo of the song for In the Flow Music, and MARCUS, with TEDD FIRTH'S arrangement, followed up with a rockin' gospel demo of the piece. "One" was first performed at the United Nations by PAM PALMIERI and later by KEVIN SCOTT HALL. In 2004, the song was a Finalist in the Tipperary (Ireland) Intl. Song of Peace Contest, performed live in Ireland by PAM, and recognized as well in the UK Songwriting Contest and in the 2005 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. ANTHONY, PAM, MARCUS, KEVIN, SARAH DACEY CHARLES, and LINDA LEBEL have each performed this song in churches, spiritual centers, special events, and concert appearances in the NYC area and beyond--MARCUS in Herald Square as part of the September Concerts series at the '9/11' season; ANTHONY at Turtle Bay Music School's concert hall rededication ceremony; PAM at the UN-sponsored Intl. Day of Peace Vigil at the bandshell in Central Park, and at the Angels' Circle ceremony in Staten Island and Battery Park City on the 2005 anniversary of '9/11'.

An anthem of peace and unity.   No barriers, no borders...One God, One Voice, One Peace.
(Demo Styling: Contemporary Pop Ballad)

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Production Credits:

Vocals:Tim DiPasqua
Arrangement and Keyboards: Tim DiPasqua
Recorded and Mixed at Kevin Jasper Studios, NYC


Vocals: Marcus Simeone
Arrangement and Keyboards: Tedd Firth
Recorded and Mixed at Kevin Jasper Studios, NYC



©Karen Benedetto (Words & Music)
All Rights Reserved.   Not for Duplication Without Permission.

One God…One Voice…One Peace…One God
One God, there’s only One God,
One God to light the way.
No separation, the world as one nation
Under One God, every blessed day.

One voice, we pray with One voice,
One voice for all to hear.
And with that One voice
The whole world can rejoice
With just one voice, we will persevere.

One world we share
This is our prayer—
No more despair.

One peace, there’s only One peace,
One peace in ev’ry land,
And with that One peace,
All hate and all fear will cease,
With that One peace, right here in our hand.

One God, there’s only One God,
One God to light the way,
No separation, the world as one nation
Under One God, Only One God,
With just One God, we will find our way!



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