©Karen Benedetto (ASCAP) Words & Music

Jingle written for Q-GirlConnection.com online women-to-women dating site website. (See www.Q-Girls.net)
(Sample Demo Styling: Light Rock)

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“Q-Girls Jingle”
© Karen Benedetto (Words & Music)
All Rights Reserved. Not for Duplication Without Permission.

If you're lookin’ for love,
Or just lookin’ for fun,
We're the Q-Girls.

For a close encounter
When the workday’s done,
We're the Q-Girls.

Women for women,
It's the best game in town.
Things can heat up,
So come on, party down.
“Remember anyone can rock, but Q-Girls Rule!”

Don't be afraid
To be the real you.
We're the Q-Girls.
Come on, join us.

We're very discreet.
It's all on the "Q"!
We're the Q-Girls.
“Sh-h-h, Come on Down”

Give us your e-mail
And make a selection
Before you know it…
A Q-Girls connection!
“Make that connection”

We're the Q-Girls…
We're the Q-Girls…
We're the Q-Girls
Come on down!

Production Credits:

Lead Vocals & Guitar: Karen Benedetto
Backup Vocals: Jean Barlow

Engineered by Douglas C. Clark, DCSounds, NYC

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Karen Benedetto Songs
Phone & Fax: (845) 268-3170