©Karen Benedetto (ASCAP) Words & Music

This novelty song is an affectionate tribute to the "swing dancers" who step into their roles on short notice in musicals anywhere they are staged. Through "Swing"© we see more clearly these hard-working, extremely talented artists who are the unsung heroes at the backbone of every show.
( Sample Demo Styling: Broadway Show Tune)

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Production Credits:

Vocals: Jonathan Frank
During Live Performance at
the Duplex Cabaret Theatre, NYC


Lead Vocals: Nancy Slusser
Co-Producers: Jean Barlow and Jeff Waxman
Musical Director/Arranger/Keyboards: Dennis Buck
Recorded, Edited and Mixed at Waxtrax Recording

© Karen Benedetto (ASCAP) (Words & Music)
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Duplication is a Violation of Applicable Federal Copyright Laws

I realize most people,
No matter who they are,
When dreamin’ of a Broadway gig,
They want to be the Star.
But, I’m a little different,
As you will plainly see…
There’s really only one thing that I long to be…

I wanna be a Swing,
I wanna have to learn everything.
I wanna show up each night,
And wait in the wings.
I’m waitin’ for my chance,
To show ’em all that I can dance.
Don’t wanna do that Diva thing–
I wanna be a Swing.

I wanna be ready,
For any emergency.
When somebody’s ailin’
Well, you know that you can count on me.

Don’t wanna be the Star,
I don’t need no fancy car.
I wanna be a little worker bee,
And keep my anonymity.

[Dance/Patter Break]….

Wanna see my picture–
Not exactly up in lights.
But on the program inserts,
That are picked up from the floor each night.

Don’t wanna be the Star
Don’t ever wanna work that hard,
At lookin’ like I’m workin’ hard.
What joy would that bring?

I just wanna be a…
(I’m breakin’ my back to learn every track.)
I just wanna be a…
(5, 6 7 8–how can I articulate?)
I just wanna be a Swing!

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